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Social Capital Builder (SCB) Logo Awards 2016

photo of CIIF4M Industrial Development Limited
photo of CIIFA.S. Watson Group
photo of CIIFAberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association Social Service
photo of CIIFAction Care International Limited
photo of CIIFAdSmart Hong Kong Limited
Advance Resources Personnel Consultants Ltd
photo of CIIFAEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
photo of CIIFAIA Portfolio Management District
photo of CIIFAirport Authority
photo of CIIFAlliance Construction Materials Limited
photo of CIIFAmyC & Co.
photo of CIIFARA Asset Management (Fortune) Limited
photo of CIIFArmitage Technologies Limited
photo of CIIFArredamenti Company Limited
photo of CIIFAutoEver
photo of CIIFBaleno Kingdom Limited
photo of CIIFBank Of China (Hong Kong)
photo of CIIFBao Zi Lin So Chi Kwong Chinese Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association
photo of CIIFBaptist Oi Kwan Social Service
photo of CIIFBar Pacific Group Limited
photo of CIIFBeacon Group
photo of CIIFBelle International
Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFBenevolence Int'l Charity Association Ltd
photo of CIIFBOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited
photo of CIIFBreadTalk Concept Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFBright Sun Corp. Limited
photo of CIIFBuildings Department
photo of Limited
photo of CIIFCaritas - Hong Kong
photo of CIIFCaritas Lok Kan School
photo of CIIFCASH Financial Services Group Limited
Castle Peak Hospital Community Psychiatric Service
photo of CIIFCATALO Natural Health Foods Limited
photo of CIIFCentury Legend (Holdings) Ltd.
photo of CIIFChai Wan Peace Evangelical Centre
photo of CIIFChampion Chinese Medicine Limited
photo of CIIFChelsea Foundation (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFChessman Entertainment Production (HK) Limited
photo of CIIFChi Sun College, The University Of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFChinese YMCA of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFChiu Yang Por Yen Primary School
photo of CIIFChristian Action - Social Enterprise Division
photo of CIIFChristian Family Service Centre
photo of CIIFCITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
photo of CIIFCITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFCitybase Property Management Limited
photo of CIIFCityray Technology (China) Limited
photo of CIIFCJ Dental Care Limited
photo of CIIFConrad Hong Kong
photo of CIIFCordis, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFCrown Of Grace Decoration Engineering Company
photo of CIIFCrown Worldwide (HK) Limited
photo of CIIFDah Chong Hong Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFDCFever
photo of CIIFDHL Global Forwarding (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFDiploma in Arboricultural Management Student Association
photo of CIIFDirection Association For The Handicapped (Social Enterprise)
photo of CIIFDunn's Education Limited
photo of CIIFE.Tech Management(HK) Limited
photo of CIIFEarly Psychosis Foundation
photo of CIIFEastern Renal Support Association
photo of CIIFe-banner Limited
photo of CIIFE I L Company Ltd
photo of CIIFEnsec Solutions Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFe-print
photo of CIIFFair-Rack Electrical Asia (H.K.) Ltd.
photo of CIIFFairwood Fast Food Limited
photo of CIIFFay's Beauty & Fitness Centre
photo of CIIFFlyer King Ltd.
photo of CIIFFood Grace
photo of CIIFFoodlink Foundation Limited
photo of CIIFFortress
photo of CIIFFrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFFu Hong Society
photo of CIIFFuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limtied
photo of CIIFFujikon Industrial Holdings Ltd
photo of CIIFFWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited
photo of CIIFGold Dynasty Int'l Charity Association Ltd
photo of CIIFGold Dynasty Int'l Finance Ltd
photo of CIIFGolden Cup Printing Co.,Ltd.
photo of CIIFGolden Design Ltd.
photo of CIIFGoodwell Property Management Limited
photo of CIIFGoodwill Management Limited (A member of Henderson Land Group)
photo of CIIFGrace Cup Group
photo of CIIFGrand Hyatt Hong Kong
photo of CIIFGrandeur Property Management Company Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Lady MacLehose Centre
photo of CIIFHappy Grannies Ltd
photo of CIIFHarbourfront Landmark Premium Services Limited
photo of CIIFHaven of Hope Christian Service
photo of CIIFHaven Of Hope Hospital
photo of CIIFHeadquarters Limited
photo of CIIFHealth Massage and Treatment Centre (The Hong Kong Society for the Blind)
photo of CIIFHip Hing Construction Co., Ltd
photo of CIIFHK Police Force Lantau
photo of CIIFHKR International Limited
photo of CIIFHKT
photo of CIIFHoliday Inn Golden Mile
photo of CIIFHong Kong Airlines
photo of CIIFHong Kong And Macau Lutheran Church Ming Tao Primary School
photo of CIIFHong Kong Aviation Ground Services Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Baptist Hospital
photo of CIIFHong Kong Chinese Women’s Club
Dr. Ellen Li Learning Centre
photo of CIIFHong Kong Disneyland Resort
photo of CIIFHong Kong East Cluster
photo of CIIFHong Kong Education City Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Federation of Women's Centres
photo of CIIFHong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Co. Ltd
photo of CIIFHong Kong Housing Society
photo of CIIFHong Kong Islands Community foundation Association
Hong Kong Kwan Lung Lau
Residents' Association
photo of CIIFHong Kong Life Insurance Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Quality And Talent Migrants Association
photo of CIIFHong Kong Resort Company Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Securities Professionals Association
photo of CIIFHong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association
photo of CIIFHong Kong Vet Groomers
photo of CIIFHong Kong Young Women's Christian Association
photo of CIIFHong Yip Service Co Ltd
photo of CIIFH-Privilege Limited
photo of CIIFHuman Health (H.K.) Limited
photo of CIIFHung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFHutchison Hotel Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFHyatt Regency Hong Kong,
Tsim Sha Tsui
photo of CIIFIBM China/Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFiGift Company Limited
photo of CIIFInnovix Distribution
photo of CIIFInstitution of Dining Art
photo of CIIFInternational Property Management Limited
photo of CIIFIntimex Business Solutions Co. Ltd
photo of CIIFi-Urban Limited
photo of CIIFJardine Aviation Services
photo of CIIFJardine OneSolution (HK) Limited
photo of CIIFJenston Technology Corporation Ltd.
photo of CIIFJenston Works Company Ltd.
photo of CIIFJones Lang LaSalle Management Services Limited
photo of CIIFKabushikigaisha Limited
photo of CIIFKarrie International Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFKenneth Chau & Co
photo of CIIFKids4Kids Limited
photo of CIIFKKP Construction Limited
photo of CIIFKNS System Limited
photo of CIIFKwai Fong Love Neighbor and Community
photo of CIIFKwai Shing Baptist Church
photo of CIIFKwai Tsing Safe Community and Healthy City Association
photo of CIIFKwun Tong Resident Association
photo of CIIFLam Tsuen Wishing Square Development Limited
photo of CIIFLCH Charitable Foundation
photo of CIIFLHGroup
photo of CIIFL'hotel Management Company Limited
photo of CIIFLife Learn Limited
photo of CIIFLifeworkshop
photo of CIIFLight Engine Ltd.
photo of CIIFLighthouse Technologies Ltd.
photo of CIIFLightMAC
photo of CIIFLik Kai Engineering Co Ltd.
photo of CIIFLinkz Industries Ltd.
photo of CIIFLok Chan Studio
photo of CIIFLok Hin Terrace Owners' Committee
photo of CIIFLok Kwan Social Service
photo of CIIFLong Data Technology Limited
photo of CIIFLSP Plus Limited
photo of CIIFMagic Clean Environmental Services Ltd
photo of CIIFMainland Headwear Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFMama Teaching Research Association Limited
photo of CIIFManna Limited
photo of CIIFMany Wells Property Agent Ltd
Mast Industries (Far East) Ltd
photo of CIIFMei Lok Store
photo of CIIFMeiriki Japan Company Limited
photo of CIIFMembers Institute Limited
photo of CIIFMicroForests
photo of CIIFMillennium Engineering Corporation Limited
photo of CIIFMilton Holdings International Ltd
photo of CIIFMilton Plastics Ltd
photo of CIIFMilton Technologies Ltd
photo of CIIFMira Moon Hotel
photo of CIIFMSL Nutritional Diet Centre Co. Ltd.
photo of CIIFMTR Corporation Limited
photo of CIIFNavigator Consultancy Limited
photo of CIIFNeo-Health Group
photo of CIIFNew Home Association New Territories West Service Centre
photo of CIIF新翠花園木蘭之友
photo of CIIFNew Jade Garden Owners' Committee
photo of CIIFNew Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
photo of CIIFNew World Development Company Limited
photo of CIIFNew World First Ferry Services Limited
photo of CIIFNew World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel
photo of CIIFNew York Medical Group
photo of CIIFnicesofa
photo of CIIFNicole Environmental Services Company Limtied
photo of CIIFNixon Cleaning Company Limited
photo of CIIFNo Sugar Association
North Lantau Hospital
photo of CIIFNovotel Citygate Hong Kong
photo of CIIFNWS Holdings Limited
photo of CIIFOffice of the Communications Authority
photo of CIIFOIWA Limited
photo of CIIFOrient Overseas Container Line Limited
photo of CIIFOur Lady of Maryknoll Hospital
photo of CIIFPak Kau College
photo of CIIFPamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
photo of CIIFParamatta Estate Management Limited
photo of CIIFPark Vale (Management) Limited
photo of CIIFPCCW
photo of CIIFPeople On Board Social Enterprise Limited
photo of CIIFPerfect Life Association
photo of CIIFPfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFPhotoGIFT (HK) LTD.
photo of CIIFPo Leung Kuk
photo of CIIFPok Oi Hospital Wong Muk Fung Memorial Elderly Health Support and Learning Centre
photo of CIIFPrincipal Chan Free Tutorial World
photo of CIIFPromoting Happiness Index Foundation
photo of CIIFQConcept Limited
photo of CIIFRegal Airport Hotel
photo of CIIFRegal Hotels International Limited
photo of CIIFResidents Association of Chai Wan
photo of CIIFRichform Holdings. Limited
photo of CIIFRichful Deyong Corporate Management Limited
photo of CIIFRising Sun Association Company Limited
photo of CIIFROADS
photo of CIIFRonald Lu & Partners
photo of CIIFRotary Club of Hong Kong Sunrise (Charities) Ltd
photo of CIIFRotary Club of Peninsula
photo of CIIFRotary Club of Tai Po
photo of CIIFRoyal Elite Service Co Ltd
photo of CIIFS.H.K. Real Estate Management Company Limited
photo of CIIFS.K.H Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School
photo of CIIFSafe Gold Bullion Limited
photo of CIIFSheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
photo of CIIFSHINEWING (HK) CPA Limited
photo of CIIFShooting Workshop
photo of CIIFSino Grade Securities Limited
photo of CIIFSino Parking Services Limited
photo of CIIFSino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited
photo of CIIFSino-Life (Hong Kong) Ltd.
photo of CIIFSir Edward Youde Scholars Association
photo of CIIFSmarTone Mobile Communications Limited
photo of CIIFSocial Enterprise Business Centre
photo of CIIFSocial Welfare Department Yuen Long District Social Welfare Office
photo of CIIFSociety of Registered Financial Planners
photo of CIIFSociety Of Tai Chi Therapy
photo of CIIFSoon Grow Enterprise Limited
photo of CIIFSoundwill Holdings Limited
Sources Fame Management Ltd
photo of CIIFSouth Horizons Management Limited
photo of CIIFSouth Kwai Chung Social Service
photo of CIIFSpotlight Enterprises Limited
photo of CIIFStandard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd.
photo of CIIFSun Hing Hong Travel Agency Co. Ltd.
photo of CIIFSun International Athletic Association Limited
photo of CIIFSunta Chemical Limited
photo of CIIFSUP Publishing Logistics (HK) Limited
photo of CIIFSuper Star Group
photo of CIIFSwire Properties Limited
photo of CIIFTaste of Asia Group Limited
photo of CIIFThe "Star" Ferry Company, Limited
photo of CIIFThe Association for Hong Kong Catering Services Management Limited
photo of CIIFThe Association of Evangelical Free Churches of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Bank of East Asia, Limited
photo of CIIFThe Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Brightening Association
( Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFThe Chinese Rhenish Church
Hong Kong Synod
photo of CIIFThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Cityview
photo of CIIFThe Commercial Press (HK) Ltd
photo of CIIFThe Coordination and Promotion of Eastern District
photo of CIIFThe Education University of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe HK Lik Kwan Association
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Federation of
Youth Groups
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
photo of CIIFThe Incorporated Owners of
Artland Court, Chai Wan
The Incorporated Owners of
Gold Mine Building
photo of CIIFThe Incorporated Owners of
Yee Tsui Court
photo of CIIFThe Inspiration
photo of CIIFThe Institute of Chinese Jingjinke Professionalism Ltd
photo of CIIFThe Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon
photo of CIIFGateway Hotel
photo of CIIFMarco Polo Hongkong Hotel
photo of CIIFPrince Hotel
photo of CIIFThe Mira Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Salvation Army
photo of CIIFThe Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Ltd.
photo of CIIFTIME Interconnect Ltd.
photo of CIIFTin Lee Medicine International Limited
Together Management Company Limited
photo of CIIFTsit Wing Coffee Co. Ltd.
photo of CIIFTsui Wah Holdings Limited
Tung Chung Fire Station
photo of CIIFTung Chung Safe and Healthy City (Community Services) Foundation Limited
photo of CIIFTung Fat Ho Building Material Limited
photo of CIIFTung Wah Group of Hospitals
photo of CIIFTurning Technical Services Limited
photo of CIIFTUV Rheinland Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFTWGHs Chen Zao Men College
photo of CIIFTWGHs Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong Kindergarten
photo of CIIFTWGHs Nickon Kindergarten
photo of CIIFUDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd.
photo of CIIFUltra Active Technology Limited
photo of CIIFUnited Asia Finance Limited
photo of CIIFUnited Christian Nethersole Community Health Service
photo of CIIFUnited Labour Chi Hong Association Limited
photo of CIIFUnlimited Power Production and Training Limited
photo of CIIFUrban Property Management Limited
photo of CIIFUrban Technical Services Limited
photo of CIIFVibro (H.K.) Limited
photo of CIIFVineberg Property Management Limited
photo of CIIFVision City Volunteer Team
photo of CIIFWatami (China) Co. Ltd.
photo of CIIFWatsons
photo of CIIFWestern Harbour Tunnel Company Limited
photo of CIIFWhirlpool (HK) Ltd
photo of CIIFWidex Hong Kong Hearing & Speech Centre Limited
photo of (Hong Kong) Ltd.
photo of CIIFWorldwide Cruise Terminals
photo of CIIFYang Memorial Methodist Social Service
photo of CIIFYouth Outreach-City Challenge
photo of CIIFYue Kwong Chuen Mutual Aid committee
photo of CIIFYue Kwong Mutual Help Network

(in alphabetical order of English names)

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