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Social Capital Builder (SCB) Logo Awards 2014

photo of CIIFAIA Portfolio Management District
photo of CIIFBreadTalk Concept Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFDCC Story Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFKIWI Sweets Limited
Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific Limited
So Dance Studio
photo of CIIFThe Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon
photo of CIIFAdvance Multimedia Company Limited
photo of CIIFNicole Environmental Services Co. Ltd
photo of CIIFNixon Cleaning Co. Ltd
photo of CIIFFairwood Fast Food Limited
photo of CIIFLantau Development Alliance
photo of CIIFSino-Life ( Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Experiencer Professionals Association, China
photo of CIIFBank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFThe Chinese Rhenish Church
Hong Kong Synod
photo of CIIFTin Shui Wai Women Association Ltd
photo of CIIFYat To House Mutual Aid Committee
Chak Yu House Mutual Aid Committee
Chak Sing House Mutual Aid Committee
Chak Yun House Mutual Aid Committee
Chak Fai House Mutual Aid Committee
photo of CIIFNorth Lantau Hospital
photo of CIIFNorth District Hospital
photo of CIIFEqual Opportunities Commission
Wing Fat Securities Limited
photo of CIIFBelle Worldwide Limited
photo of CIIFPak Kau College
Buddhist Chi Kwong Kindergarten
photo of CIIFUbabybaby Limited
photo of CIIFThe Incorporated Owners of
Lei Tung Estate
photo of CIIFOliver's Super Sandwiches
photo of CIIFFu Hong Society
photo of CIIFEmmanuel Church Shatin Nursery School
photo of CIIFSha Tin Emmannel Church
photo of CIIFAsiaWorld-Expo Management Ltd
photo of CIIFTaste of Asia Group Ltd
photo of CIIFADIO Family Chiropractic Centre
photo of CIIFWatami (China) Company Limited
photo of CIIFA.S. Watson Group
photo of CIIFEast Kowloon Rugby Football Club
Tung Chung Fire Station
photo of CIIFPlamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital
photo of CIIFThe coordination and promotion of eastern district
photo of CIIFTung Wah Group of Hospitals
photo of CIIFTWGHs Lions Club of Metropolitan Hong Kong Kindergarten
photo of CIIFYogaMate
photo of CIIFCastle Peak Hospital
photo of CIIFMAKE UP FOR EVER Academy
PLK Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College PTA
photo of CIIFSouth Kwai Chung Service Centre
photo of CIIFThe Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Limited
photo of CIIFPfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFThe HK Lik Kwan Association
photo of CIIFH.K.U Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) Alumni Association
photo of CIIFMountaineering Council of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club Dr Ellen Li Learning Centre
photo of CIIFChinese YMCA of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFAberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service
photo of CIIFThe HKSYC&IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial College
photo of CIIFH.K. Federation of the Blind
photo of CIIFPizza Hut Hong Kong Management Limited
photo of CIIFThe Excelsior, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFHong Kong Housing Society
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Council of
Social Service
photo of CIIFHong Kong Juvenile Care Centre
photo of CIIFHong Kong Southern District
Women's Association Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Evangelical Church Social Service Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Disneyland Resort
photo of CIIFHong Kong FamilyLink Mental Health Advocacy Association
photo of CIIFHong Kong Baptist Hospital
photo of CIIFInternational Social Service
Hong Kong Branch
photo of CIIFThe Boys' Brigade, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFHong Kong Young Women's
Christian Association
photo of CIIFThe Association of Evangelical Free Churches of Hong Kong
photo of CIIFHong Kong Education City Limited
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Institute of Education
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University
photo of CIIFHong Kong Creative Art Education Development Association
photo of CIIFThe Society of Rehabilitation & Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
photo of CIIFThe Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
photo of CIIFHong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School
photo of CIIFHong Kong Resort Company Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Islands District Association
photo of CIIFOIWA Ltd
photo of CIIFHong Kong Police Force Lantau District
photo of CIIFMTR Corporation Limited
photo of CIIFHong Kong Kwun Lung Lau Residents' Association
photo of CIIFShooting Work Shop
photo of CIIFResident Association of Chai Wan
photo of CIIFSofamark Limited
photo of CIIFOcean Park Corporation
photo of CIIFBaptist Oi Kwan Social Sevice
photo of CIIFHappy Grannies
photo of CIIFPerfect Combo Limited
photo of CIIFPerfect Life Assoication
photo of CIIFIBM China/Hong Kong Limited
photo of CIIFFanling Assembly of God Church
photo of CIIFRevival Christian Church Limited
photo of CIIFChristian Action
photo of CIIFHaven of Hope Christian Service
photo of CIIFKornhill Gardens Owners' Committee
photo of CIIFHannah Medical Centre LTD
photo of CIIFHong Yip Service Company Ltd
photo of CIIFChoi Ming Baptist Church
photo of CIIFThe Salvation Army
photo of CIIFDunn's Education
photo of CIIFPrincipal Chan Free Tutorial World
photo of CIIFFuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFYang Memorial Methodist Social Service
DHL Global Mail (Hong Kong) Limited
photo of CIIFPlayright Children's Play Association
photo of CIIFHospital Authority Hong Kong East Cluster
Momentous Production
photo of CIIFKIDS4KIDS Limited
photo of CIIFSociety of Registered Financial Planners
photo of CIIFOi Kwan Volunteer Group Limited
photo of CIIFNew Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
photo of CIIFNew Home Association
photo of CIIFSt. Stephen's Girls' College
photo of CIIFOur Lady of Maryknoll Hospital
Yan Kwai House Mutual Aid Committee
Kwai Shing Baptist Church
photo of CIIFROADS
photo of CIIFPCCW
photo of CIIFYue Kwong Chuen Mutual Aid Committee
photo of CIIFPrincess Margaret Hospital
photo of CIIFTsui Wah Restaurant
photo of CIIFThe Link Management Limited
photo of CIIFFung Kai Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Kwong Lam Baptist Church
photo of CIIFKwong Yuen Estate Hay Nien Baptist Church
photo of CIIFB Soul Dance Production Limited
People on Board Social Enterprise Limited
photo of CIIFLok Kwan Social Service
photo of CIIFChiu Yang Por Yen Primary School
photo of CIIFThe Nonsensemakers
photo of CIIFThe Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council
photo of CIIFAirport Authority Hong Kong
photo of CIIFBaby Kingdom
photo of CIIFBeacon College Limited
photo of CIIFAp Lei Chau Lei Tung Neighborhood Association
photo of CIIFSilence Limited
photo of CIIFLingnan University
photo of CIIFSuper Star Group
photo of CIIFModern Medical Equipment Manufacturing Ltd
photo of CIIFHung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited
Lai Ming Manor Farm
photo of CIIFKwun Tong Resident Association

(in order of Chinese names)

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