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Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards Logo Usage Guidelines

The Social Capital Builder (SCB) Award is presented by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau (LWB) in order to recognise and commend corporates/ organisations for their contribution to the development of social capital in Hong Kong, and let the customers and clients of the corporates/ organizations as well as the general public be aware of their contributions. This is to establish the elite and leading position of the corporates/ organizations so that more individuals/ organisations will be inspired to take part in the development of social capital.

CIIF treats the SCB awardees as working partners. We encourage the awardees to show the logo of SCB Award (Logo) appropriately, so as to promote the public commitment to social capital development.

Please follow the logo usage guidelines on showing the Logo and contact CIIF Secretariat for enquiry. (Email: or tel: 2503 2017) Thank you.

SCB Awards Logo Usage Guidelines and Descriptions :

A) Effective Period

An awarded corporate/ organisation is entitled to use the logo within the effective period stated on the Award Certificate. After the effective period, the corporate/ organisation will have to cease using the logo immediately if the award is not renewed.

B) Applicable Usages

  • The Logo can be used in different promotion materials of the awarded corporate/ organization such as name cards, corporate letters and envelopes, souvenirs, newsletters, webpages, etc.
  • When using the Logo, the awarded corporate/ organisation must display it along with the corporate’s/ organisation’s own name/logo prominently in order to show clearly which corporate/ organisation the SCB awardee is referring to.

C) Right of Using the Logo

  • The display of the Logo by an awarded corporate/ organization in any circumstances only indicates that it has achieved the social capital outcomes required by the SCB Award, rather than denoting that the corporate’s/ organization’s products and/ or services are endorsed by LWB.
  • The contents of an awarded corporate’s/ organisation’s advertising and promotional materials bearing the Logo must be lawful, healthy, wholesome, honest and truthful, and must not contain any defamatory, discriminatory or offensive elements.
  • The affiliated companies or other associated companies, if any, of the awarded corporate/ organisation may not concurrently use the Logo if it does not contribute to any CIIF’s work on social capital development.
  • Awarded corporate/ organisation must email samples of products, services advertisements or promotion materials using the Logo to for CIIF’s record.
  • LWB may in its sole discretion decide whether an awarded corporate’s/ organisation’s use of the Logo has violated these Guidelines, and may at any time demand the awarded corporate/ organisation stop or alter its use of the Logo.
  • LWB’s interpretation on the provisions of these Guidelines shall be final and conclusive. In case of dispute, LWB has the authority to make final and binding decisions.

D) Ways to use the SCB Logo

  • Colors of the Logo must be followed﹕
  • The complete logo must be shown. No parts of the Logo, including the year, written texts and design, may be separated from the Logo.
  • The Logo may be proportionately enlarged or reduced, but alteration of the design and font of the Logo is NOT ALLOWED. The Logo must be shown prominently.
  • In any circumstances of usage, the height of the Logo CANNOT be less than 6mm (i.e. 25mm in width).
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