Mr Wong Kit-loong

Mr Wong Kit-loong

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Hong Kong Housing Society
Member of the Elderly Commission

Let the elderly maintain ties with society

In my daily life and work, interactions with the elderly give me a lot of insights. If we are willing to listen, we can learn much and get lots of inspirations from their words of wisdom. To them, “No pains, no gains” is not just a motto, but a belief which they truly practised in their life. This encourages me not to fear difficulties, and be brave to face the ups and downs in life.

Though the ageing population is a challenge to our society, many elderly people are still young at heart indeed. They can contribute to society in many ways, especially in passing on their wisdom and experiences. Our society needs their continued involvements and contributions too. This not only enables the elderly to maintain their ties with society and contribute to the community, but also brings an enriched life to them.

To maintain a relationship with the elderly is easy. Just make a call to see how they are getting on, or paying them a visit is heartwarming enough. I think showing loving care and understanding is most important when we get along with someone. If time allows, it is even better if we can care for the other elders in need. Like visiting the singleton elders as a volunteer, offering soup to the elders living nearby, or supporting the elderly-friendly facilities, all can make our community warmer and more harmonious.

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