Ms CHAN Man-yee, Grace

Ms CHAN Man-yee, Grace

General Manager (Innovation and Technology for Ageing), Hong Kong Council of Social Service Member of the Elderly Commission

To love in time

Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, June has come and half of the year 2017 has passed already. At the time of writing this article, the day after tomorrow was Father’s Day. It is a blessing for those who can still love and care for their parents. As we work hard to earn a living day after day, our parents are getting older and older without our notice. One day, you will suddenly find that they are not the same anymore. Parents are always considerate towards their children. They know how to spend their own time and will never ask their busy children for too much. Instead, they will just remind us to “take more rest”, “don’t forget to take your meal” or “tell us when you need help.

Despite the heavy workload on weekdays, I try my best to accompany my parents at weekends. It is so enjoyable to just do ordinary things like Yum-cha or shopping with them, and at the same time I can also notice the change in their health if there is any, so that I can take timely actions to follow up on their health. To avoid making our parents think they are annoying, we have to be more patient when listening to their daily life stories, even though we are actually so tired and worn out. Treasure every moment of togetherness with our parents. Don’t forget to love in time.

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