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CIIF 31st Batch Approved Project List

A total of 25 project applications were approved in July 2020 by the CIIF Committee. Details are as follows:

Project No. Organization and Unit Project Name Period Grant Approved District
0002N-31 New Home Association New Territories West Service Centre Building Long Sin New Home Together 2 years $2,015,000 Yuen Long (Long Sin Estate)
0004N-31 St. James’ Settlement Wan Chai Community Centre Joyful Yue Wan Community Support Project 3 years + 3 months intake period $3,239,000 Chai Wan (Yue Chun House, Yue Wan Estate)
0006N-31 The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Jockey Club Tai Po North Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre “Good Neighbour@ Tai Po”- Area 9(Phase 1)New Public Housing Community Support and Networking Project 3 years + 3 months intake period $3,891,000 Tai Po (Fu Tip Estate Ban Tip House)
0009N-31 Caritas – Hong Kong – Caritas Integrated Family Service Centre - Fanling Queen’s Hill, Co-creation 3 years + 12 months intake period $4,550,000 Fanling (Queen’s Hill Estate)
0012-31 South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission Family Net Social Service Centre Growth with Toddler and full time parent scheme 2 years $2,207,000 Tai Po
0013-31 Christian Family Service Centre Centre for Adolescent Mental Health Prevention and Intervention Happiness in Family and Community-Collaborative Care and Support Approach in Promoting Family's Mental Wellness in Tseung Kwan O 3 years $3,283,000 Tseung Kwan O
0018N-31 Hong Kong Playground Association Choi Tak Integrated Service Centre for Children & Youth Community Club House @ Choi Fuk 3 years + 6 months intake period $3,922,000 Kwun Tong (Choi Fuk Estate)
0023-31 Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres Limited WISE (Sheung Shui) You’re Not Alone: Cross-sectoral Support Network for Single Mothers in North District 3 years $3,554,000 North
0028-31 Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Company Limited HKSKH Kowloon City Children & Youth Integrated Service Centre “Love cohesion” Kai Tak Community Mutual Aid Project 3 years $3,463,000 Kowloon City
0029-31 The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon—United Centre-Ethnic Minorities Supporting Services Centre “Dream Come True” Support Services for Ethnic Minorities Youths 3 years $3,270,000 Kowloon City, Wong Tai Sin
0030-31 Pak Kau College & Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science And Creativity Harmonious Neighborhood 3 years $3,448,000 Tin Shui Wai
0033N-31 Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service-LCHKS— Jockey Club Yung Shing Lutheran Integrated Service Centre Love Around Queen’s Hill 3 years + 12 months intake period $4,679,000 Fanling (Queen’s Hill Estate)
0034-31 Pok Oi Hospital Wai Yin Association Family Multiple Intelligences Centre Link UP Tsing Yi Island 3 years $2,935,000 Tsing Yi
0035-31 The Chinese Rhenish Church Hong Kong Rhenish Church Grace School The dream of Grace 2 years $855,000 Wong Tai Sin
0044-31 Community Leap Limited Repair Café – Shek Lei Community Networking Project 2 years $2,250,000 Kwai Tsing (Shek Lei (I) & (II) Estate, Shek Yam Estate, Shek Yam East Estate & On Yam Estate)
0045N-31 Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association— Ellen Li District Elderly Community Centre Co-joyful Queen’s Hill – Neighbourhood Mutual Help Project 3 years + 12 months intake period $4,595,000 Fanling (Queen’s Hill Estate)
0051-31 Lifeworkshop Buddy Buddy Unleashing Families’ Power 3 years $3,523,000 Fanling (Luen Wo Hui)
0052-31 Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Evaluation as Learning Tools: Practice Research for the PRH Projects 3 years $3,761,000 All districts in HK
0059N-31 Methodist Centre Community Support Service Love your Ming Wah Neighbours 3 years + 3 months intake period $4,059,000 Shau Kei Wan (Ming Wah Dai Ha)
0063-31 People Service Center Limited— Project Worry Free Networking for Health 3 years $3,213,000 Shek Kip Mei (Tai Hang Tung Estate, Tai Hang Sai Estate & Nam Shan Estate)
0065N-31 The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Ltd Kowloon East Office Living Water - Lively Estate 3 years + 6 months intake period $4,177,000 Wong Tai Sin (New Public Housing Phase 1 at Diamond Hill Comprehensive Development Area)
0066N-31 The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship Ltd T.K.T. Office Project New Vision (Lai King) 3 years+ 3 months intake period $3,720,000 Kwai Tsing (Lai King Estate and New Public Housing at the Former Site of the China Holiness College)
0079-31 Peace of Mind (Elderly Service) Limited & The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK North District Primary Health Care Project 3 years $2,891,000 North District
0083-31 Kwai Fong Love Neighbor and Community GEN Grace : A Project for supporting family healthy living 3 years $3,133,000 Kwai Tsing
0085-31 Agent of Change Foundation Limited “Chat and Plan” Social Participation and Reconciliation Scheme 3 years $2,492,000 Sham Shui Po