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Project Highlights

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Project Title: Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood
Name of the Organization: The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong Shaukiwan Children Centre and Library
Hong Kong Housing Society Ming Wah Dai Ha Office
Grant Approved: HKD$ 1,500,000
Project Duration: 20/10/2008 - 19/10/2011 (3 years)
Target Groups: Residents of Ming Wah Dai Ha; Mutual Aid Committees Voluntary Body of Ming Wah Dai Ha; children, youth and families of nearby estates; Commercial firms; Governmental organizations; Deprived and isolated elders and families in Ming Wah Dai Ha
Location of the Project: Eastern District

1. Objectives

  • The project aims to enhance co-operation among the official bodies, commercial firms, community organizations, non-governmental organizations and residents, in order to build up a supportive network among the neighbourhood, so as to attain social inclusion and unite the community.

2. Strategies

  • Organize the “Block representatives” and “Floor Representatives”, as well as children, youths and families of Ming Wah Dai Ha to be members of the “Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood Voluntary Team”, reach out to the needy families and elders in the community, thus build up a community mutual-support network.
  • Organize different service teams to meet the community needs.
  • Invite and organize the deprived/ isolated elders and families to participate in voluntary work and become a “Caring Ambassador” serving the community.

3. Expected Outcomes and Performance Indicators

3.1 Quantitatively

  • 1200 people participate in the project in total.
  • 220 people become active volunteers of the project.
  • 80 people become the leaders of the volunteer group.
  • 100 people have ever on duty in the Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood Activity Room.
  • 30 people become Block Representatives and 60 people become Floor Representatives.
  • Not less than 300 families participate in the project.
  • Set up at least 3 service teams including “Modern Child-carer Team”, “Ming Wah Energetic Team” and “Elders Escort Service Team”.
  • 150 people join the “Ming Wah mutual-learning class”; not less than 20 people become tutors.
  • Associate with at least 20 parties including governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, community organizations, commercial firms, official bodies, medical organizations, etc.

3.2 Qualitatively

  • Set up Block Representative and Floor Representative system; build up a caring and supportive network in the community.
  • Set up different service teams to meet different needs of the community.
  • Build up a social inclusion network in the community.
  • Through co-operation of different parties, improve the quality of living in Ming Wah Community.

4. Brief Description of Programmes

  • With over 40 years history, Ming Wah Dai Ha is not only facing the problem of aging population, but also an increasing number of needy families and elders in the estate. Traditional model in providing social services to them may not be a good solution, however, building up a social support network in the community is more important. “Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood” project make use of the concept of social capital, which mobilize the residents in the estate to join the “Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood” voluntary team and set up “Block/ Floor Representative” system, so as to build up a mutual support network among neighbourhood. Moreover, different services team will be set up to meet the needs of the community. Also, the project will identify the needy elders and families in the community, encourage them to join the volunteer training thus become “Caring Ambassador”. By participating in social affairs, we hope to enhance their abilities and self-confidence, which result in social inclusion and social integration.

5. Unique Feature and Areas of Innovation

  • This project makes use of the concept of social capital, by establishment of “Block/ Floor Representative” system in the estate, build up a supportive network in the community and encourage mutual help among neighbourhood. The “Block/ Floor Representatives” and the “Ming Wah Good Neighbourhood” volunteers will reach out to the needy elders and families, encourage them to participate in voluntary services, thus develop their potential abilities. Different services team will also be set up according to the interests and abilities of the residents, so as to meet the community needs.
  • On the other hand, this project also put effort on integration of different generations, through communication and exchange of ideas; we hope to establish a respective, caring and appreciative atmosphere among different generations in the community.