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“The Caring Ten: Community Caring Man”
CIIF’s 5th Picture Book to Nurture a Caring Young Generation

Collaborated with the Education Bureau, the CIIF presents its 5th picture book “The Caring Ten: Community Caring Man”.

With the aging population and changing family structure in Hong Kong, everyone may become a caregiver. Caregivers tirelessly devote themselves to their families, they may often neglect their own needs or live under tremendous pressure without even realizing it. This picture book, titled “The Caring Ten: Community Caring Man”, aims to raise readers’ awareness of the caregivers through lifelike stories, and to encourage them to show their care and support to the needy caregivers around them.

Please click the link below to enjoy the E-book and audiobook. You are welcome to share with your family and friends to promote the concept of social capital.



Request for Additional Copies of Picture Book

The CIIF will organise two sessions of storytelling workshops in March 2024. Please click the links below for details or enrolment: