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Outstanding Social Capital Partnership Awards (Corporate)

Hong Yip Service Company Limited
CIIF Project : Make A Difference: Building a Sustainable Cross-sectoral Carers’ Support Network (Phase 2)
Agency : Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres Jockey Club Tai Wo Centre

Critical Success Factor

Hong Yip Service Company Limited (“Hong Yip”) has been actively participating in CIIF-funded projects for many years, including projects which provided support for new arrivals and their families, so as to promote social integration. In recent years, Hong Yip has played an active role in three CIIF-funded projects run by the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres. Hong Yip has also actively engaged in discussions with different groups and organisations, and has assigned its engineers and frontline staff to give maintenance tutorials to women, empowering them through the Company’s expertise. Hong Yip is currently investigating ways to improve the employability of new arrival women and single mothers, and is exploring the possibility of forming a women-only repair team.

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Quote From the Winner

Hong Yip Service Company Limited has supported and participated in a number of social capital projects since 2014. Hong Yip’s corporate volunteer team has made contributions to the community by providing various volunteer services with different expertise.

Lined up by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF), Hong Yip has been working closely with the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centre (Women’s Centre) since 2016. We have even formed a strategic collaboration and Hong Yip has participated in CIIF-funded projects run by the Women’s Centre. For example, volunteers with technical knowhow from Hong Yip taught women volunteers the knowledge of home maintenance and formed partners to visit and help those families in need of the service, while the Women’s Centre made arrangement for their women volunteers to participate in Hong Yip CSR project “Peacebox”, by not only managing a game booth during the opening ceremony but also delivering the gift boxes, which were collected from the social, business and education sectors, to the disadvantaged needy groups. A management representative from Hong Yip has also become a member of the cross-sectoral collaboration committee to provide advice for the Women’s Centre, keep linkage with each other and promote cross-sectoral collaboration.