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10th Anniversary Outstanding Partnership Award (Corporate)

In recognition of excellence in promoting social capital, through the effective use of expertise and network advantages of individuals/ enterprises, and play a key role in achieving social capital outcomes.
• Community network — To develop mutual trust and long-term relationship with people in different business sectors and of different backgrounds, and strengthen the social networking.
• Mutual-help and Reciprocity — To make good use of one’s advantages; devote resources to enhancing community capacity and creating opportunities for development.
• Trust and Solidarity — To achieve synergy by fostering cross-sectoral partnership.
• Social Cohesion and Inclusion — To promote social harmony and build social capital culture.
• Social Participation — To mobilise participation in response to community needs, enhance community capacity.
• Information and Communication — To establish an effective communication platform to facilitate information flow.

Project participated : I + 0 styling studio
Nominator : TWGHs Jockey Club Lei Tung Integrated Services Centre

Critical Success Factor

At the early stage of the project, the Academy co-organised make-up training courses with the project for youths. With the mutual trust relationship getting deeper, the Academy joined the project studio as one of the consultants and more resources were then devoted to the project. The sturdy network with the Academy has successfully led to the sustainable development of the project. The Academy has helped the implementation of the project by teaching make-up skills, sponsoring toiletry and providing placement opportunities in the concerts and some trained up trainees would even be employed by the Academy. Through the project, the make-up instructors have changed the impression of the participating youths who were labelled negatively, and the Academy has recognised the importance of social capital and is willing to share its successful experience in many events organised by the CIIF.

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