Mr James Ng

Mr James Ng

Singer and actor

There is no problem that cannot be solved

Difficulty and adversity are inevitable in life. I have a motto for myself today, “There is no problem that cannot be solved.” If I cannot solve the problem on my own, I will ask for help. The solving process may be a bit tough, but only if we face it with positive attitude can we get it through and turn over a new leaf. So long as we remain optimistic, believe that everything will be past one day, and enhance our problem-solving skills, we will not fall down easily.

Building up personal network and making friends with people from all walks of life are also very important to the youth. As the Cantonese saying goes, “I've been in the business longer than you have”, meaning seniors who are more experienced can give the youth advice on many problems. I quite agree on it. Though the youth may find their peers can understand their situations and feelings better, they lack experience and vision. Taking advice from more seniors from different walks of life may help us learn their ways of doing things. Making friends with more people can also make our life more colourful.

I encourage the youth to broaden their horizons. Don’t be overwhelmed by an examination or misery at a time. There are many chances to turn our life around. Take me as an example, if I had cared too much about what others thought of me rather than believed in myself, I would not have worked so hard. I believe success only comes to those who work hard. If you don’t work hard, you will make no headway. I will keep on working hard, and hope that my story could inspire you to a certain extent.

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