Mr Yapp Hung Fai

Mr Yapp Hung Fai

Professional footballer

Cross-generation mentorship

I am used to getting along with teammates and coaches at different ages because I have received football training since I was a child. I remember that when I was 14, I, being the goalkeeper, caused my team to lose one score by mistake in a friendly football match. I could not help but cry for my unacceptable underperformance after the match. It was fortunate that the well-experienced coach came to comfort me, reviewing the reasons why we lost. I felt much better after chatting with him.

Being a professional footballer, I often live with teammates who are older than me, from whom I have learnt a lot. Their positive thinking has affected me, making me more mature. Goalkeeper is the last defence for a team to win or lose. People always wonder, “How could you miss this ball?” Despite such high pressure, I always believe that the most important thing we should do is to play well our own parts, fully cooperate with teammates and focus on matches. There is no need to think too much.

To those youths who may not be able to solve problems by themselves, support from their seniors or friends are very important. Choose your friends carefully; don’t be afraid to make friends with seniors as they are mature and can give you advice from different perspectives. I feel fortunate that I always have companions who are as much my friends as teachers.

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