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Community Investment and Inclusion Fund Brand Hong Kong - Asia world city

Social Capital Mascots

The mascots are vivid representation of core values of social capital concept - the spirit of reciprocity, partnership, social inclusion and cross generational love. While not biologically related, their relationship is like brothers and sisters. Through their networking effort, they are committed to promoting a caring Hong Kong.

  • Tele Eye One

    The Eldest. Smart. Rich in life experience. A sage.

    Wearing goggles, Tele Eye One can see beyond distances and circumstances.

  • Wide Ear Two

    Always up-to-date with information. Has a great memory and is very observant. Well aware of the strengths, needs and backgrounds of everyone. If you need help, Wide Ear Two always points you to the right direction.

    With big ears, Wide Ear Two can receive information from all around.

  • Righteous Three

    Very strong and forceful. With a righteous mind, Righteous Three is willing to help anyone in need, especially the disadvantaged, and punish the wrongs.

    Big biceps. Wearing a red cape and has immense strength.

  • Elastic Four

    Very resilient and a problem solver. Having gone through many ups and downs in life, Elastic Four looks tough, serious and a bit frightening sometimes.

    Invincible and invulnerable

  • Witty Five

    Quick-witted and creative. Smart and full of ideas but sometimes impracticable and not very organised.

    With a body like a light bulb, Witty Five lights up whenever he comes up with a good idea.

  • Network Six

    Very caring and personable. With many friends and is great at networking.

    A pair of ever-expanding arms to pull people together.

  • Long Leg Seven

    The super long legs allow for super long strides. Long Leg Seven who loves to travel around has been to all corners of the Earth. A polyglot, very knowledgeable and well-versed in histories and cultures.

    Loves photography and carries a camera. Sometimes trips over his own long legs.

  • Happy Eight

    Optimistic and always smiling. A ray of sunshine for everyone around. Very talkative, curious and simple-minded.

    Always smiling.

  • Big Voice Nine

    A straightforward leader. Loves to attend community events. Has a loud voice that reaches all corners of the community.

    Wears a number of badges from different organisations.

  • Sentimental Ten

    Very empathetic and sentimental. Cries easily. Always lend a good ear to someone with problems.

    Teary eyes. Carries a handkerchief.

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