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CIIF Achievement and Performance Management

Statistics on Performance Management of the CIIF Secretariat


Strategic Development
Strategic Development mainly encompasses formulating the objectives and strategies of promotion and development, and strategising and implementing such action plans as endorsed by the CIIF Committee with a view to promoting the concepts and good practices of social capital to stakeholders in various bodies and sectors as well as the general public. It is hoped that successful project models/ strategies in social capital development can be further developed and enhanced. Specific tasks include:

  • Organising activities of different nature and scales to promote the concept of social capital and the mission of CIIF
  • Mainstreaming the effective social capital development models
  • Organising experience sharing and exchange sessions to promote the concepts and good practices of social capital
  • Engaging stakeholders in various sectors to participate in the building of social capital
  • Engaging and developing the SC.Net networks
  • Publishing and producing different publicity and education tools, such as CIIF publications
  • Collaborating with the mass and social media to promote the outcomes of CIIF and funded projects


Major strategic development work achieved in 2018
In 2018, CIIF promoted the concept of social capital among diverse stakeholders, enhanced their awareness of and encouraged their participation in social capital development through various channels. The major work areas are as follows:

  • CIIF Forum “Social Capital as a Solution”

    The biennial CIIF Forum was held on 18 December 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event attracted over 500 participants. Apart from the plenary session, the whole-day event also comprised six concurrent sessions, with speakers from the CIIF Committee, SC.Net, and representatives from social welfare, business, medical, education and academic sectors. They shared their experience and explore how various sectors can jointly build up a better community. There was also an exhibition hosted by the 17 CIIF-funded projects, who explained and showed to the participants the outcomes of social capital development projects.

  • Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards Presentation Ceremony

    To accord recognition to individuals, corporates/organisations who have contributed to the development of social capital in Hong Kong, Social Capital Builder (SCB) Awards Presentation Ceremony is held biennially by the CIIF. 2018 marked the fourth edition of the SCB Awards. Six projects were awarded Outstanding Social Capital Project Awards, a two-fold jump compared with three winning projects last time, while recipients of the Outstanding Social Capital Partnership Awards including the business, education and religious groups as well as the local organisations. As for the SCB Logo Awards, over 550 enterprises and organisations were presented with the SCB Logo Awards, nearly a growth of 70% compared with that in the third edition. The increase also shows that the idea of social capital has gradually penetrated into different levels of society and is increasingly supported and recognised across various sectors, social strata and generations, building stronger social capital power in Hong Kong.

  • Corporate Engagement

    The CIIF-funded project named "Bridging and Bonding – To Create Measurable Social Benefits", undertaken by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), was in good progress with participation of corporates from different industries. The project encompassed the development of the Corporate Social Capital Project Implementation Guidance Document to encourage and facilitate more corporates to be socially responsible, to build and make use of social capital to generate long-term value. The “Social Capital Personnel Registration Scheme” and “Social Capital.Share online platform” were also launched in September.

  • School Engagement

    To inspire the students to understand the concept of social capital and encourage their participation in the building of social capital, the picture book “The Caring Ten”, co-developed with Education Bureau, was published in May 2018 and distributed to kindergartens, primary schools and public libraries. A series of engagement activities was also organised including but not limited to story-telling at Hong Kong Book Fair, colouring competition, etc.

  • CIIF Newsletters

    The 28th issue focused on business engagement while the 29th issue focused on academic engagement. The two issues were published in January and July 2018 respectively. Readers’ feedback was taken into consideration when preparing both newsletters.

  • Briefing session for CIIF applications

    CIIF conducted a briefing session with the theme “City In Sync with Kids” for the 29th batch of applications on 1 August 2018. Through the briefing, parties who are interested in applying for the fund learnt more about CIIF and the concept of social capital.

  • Media Promotion

    The CIIF column, titled “人情味.Net”, in am730 (a free local newspaper) features cases of CIIF-funded projects, sharing with readers how social capital has transformed lives and brought energy and trust in the community every Wednesday. These articles are also posted on the CIIF Facebook fan page and website as well as the newly opened Instagram page.

  • SC.Net

    CIIF organised the biennial Gathering and Appointment Ceremony of SC.Net Members on 30 January 2018 with 21 new members appointed. Currently, there are 193 SC.Net members. They were invited to attend 21 project visits and participate in various CIIF projects and initiatives, contributing their expertise, experience and social networks to assist CIIF Secretariat and project teams to enhance their work on social capital building.

Please click here for the major strategic development work completed in 2018.

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