Ms Lily Poon

Ms Lily Poon

Actress and Programme Hostess

Embrace the silver age with vitality

From participation in the TV programme “Good Time Old Buddies”, I truly started interacting with the elderly and know how to get along with them.

The only elder that I had ever got along in my childhood was my grandma, and I was the one being looked after by her. According to my perception, “the elderly” are all living an ordinary and simple life. Ten years ago, I started taking part in the coordination and research-writing jobs for “Good Time Old Buddies”, so I need to communicate directly with the elderly interviewees. Moreover, I have to contact different elderly service organisations in order to have a better idea of what the elderly need. From the elderly whom I have met, I find that many of them are embracing their silver age with vitality.

Just like Zhou Botong, the "Old Imp" in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, they look rejuvenated and have regained their youthful vigour. They have hopes for their life again, looking forward to their future positively and living happily at the moment. It is so touching to see those Octogenarian buddies feeling so contented and delighted even when they are just writing calligraphy or making rice dumplings.

I still remember an old uncle who noted the cartoon character on the wall paper of my mobile phone. After seeing that, he made six to seven miniatures of that character with paper clay and brought them to me as a present when he came to the studio for programme shooting. Such a kind-hearted yet unintentional gesture is the greatest encouragement to me and the uncle is also my role model who has shown me the way to get along with others.

The programme shooting which lasts for about seven hours is an appointment that I look forward to once every three weeks. Though the conversations with the elders whom I met for the first time are always just “You are so great”, “We are so happy” ..., I can’t help having a heartwarming feeling and great admiration for them because they are my nice and childlike “old buddies”.

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